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Complete List of Publications

Spies, N., Burge, C.B., Bartel, D.P. 2013. 3' UTR-isoform choice has limited influence on the stability and translational efficiency of most mRNAs in mouse fibroblasts. Genome Res. (Advance Online Article)

Almada, A.E., Wu, X., Kriz, A.J., Burge, C.B., and Sharp, P.A. 2013. Promoter directionality is controlled by U1 snRNP and polyadenylation signals. Nature AOP.

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Hurt, J.A., Robertson, D.A., and Burge, C.B. (2013) Global analyses of UPF1 binding and function reveals expanded scope of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. Genome Res. [AOP].

Ji, X., Zhou, Y., Pandit, S., Huang, J., Li, H., Lin, C.Y., Xiao, R., Burge, C.B., and Fu, X.-D. (2013). SR Proteins Collaborate with 7SK and Promoter-Associated Nascent RNA to Release Paused Polymerase. Cell 153, 855-868.

Klattenhoff, C.A., Scheuermann, J.C., Surface, L.E., Bradley, R.K., Fields, P.A., Steinhauser, M.L., Ding. H., Butty, V.L., Torrey, L., Haas, S., Abo, R., Tabebordbar, M., Lee, R.T., Burge, C.B., and Boyer, L.A. (2013). Braveheart, a Long Noncoding RNA Required for CardiovascularLineage Commitment. Cell 152, 1-14.

Shalgi, R., Hurt, J.A., Krykbaeva, I., Taipale, M., Lindquist, S., and Burge, C.B. (2013). Widespread regulation of translation by elongation pausing in heat shock. Mol. Cell 49, 439-452.

Merkin, J., Russell, C., Chen, P., Burge, C.B. (2012). Evolutionary dynamics of gene and isoform regulation in mammalian tissues. Science 338, 1593-9. Abstract, Reprint, Full Text

Wang, Y., Xiao, X., Zhang, J., Choudhury, R., Robertson, A., Li, K., Ma, M., Burge, C.B., and Wang, Z. (2012). A complex network of factors with overlapping affinities represses splicing through intronic elements. NSMB 20, 36-45, 2013. (Epub 2012 Dec 16).

Lin, C.Y., Lovén, J., Rahl, P.B., Paranal, R.M., Burge, C.B., Bradner, J.E., Lee, T.I., and Young, R.A. (2012). Transcriptional Amplification in Tumor Cells with Elevated c-Myc. Cell 151, 56-67.

Wang, E.T., Cody, N.A., Jog, S., Biancollela, M., Wang, T.T., Treacy, D.J., Luo, S., Schroth, G.P., Housman, D.E., Reddy, S., Lécuyer, E., and Burge, C.B. (2012).Transcriptome-wide regulation of pre-mRNA splicing and mRNA localization by muscleblind proteins. Cell 150, 710-724. PMCID: PMC3428802.

Anderson, E.S., Lin, C.H., Xiao, X., Stoilov, P., Burge, C.B., and Black, D.L. (2012). The cardiotonic steroid digitoxin regulates alternative splicing through depletion of the splicing factors SRSF3 and TRA2B. RNA 18, 1041-9. Open Access

Janas, M.M., Wang, E.T., Love, T., Harris, A.S., Stevenson, K., Semmelmann, K., Shaffer, J.M., Chen, P., Doench, J.G., Yerramilli, S.V.B.K., Neuberg, D., Iliopoulos, D., Housman, D.E., Burge, C.B. and Novina, C.D. (2012). Reduced expression of ribosomal proteins relieves microRNA-mediated repression. Mol. Cell 46, 171-186 .

Bradley, R. K., Merkin, J., Lambert, N.J. and Burge, C. B. (2012). Alternative Splicing of RNA Triplets is Often Regulated and Accelerates Proteome Evolution. PLoS Biol. 10, e1001229. Open Access

Zheng, G. X. Y., Ravia, A., Gould, G. M., Burge, C. B. and Sharp, P. A. (2011). Genome-Wide Impact of A Recently Expanded MicroRNA Cluster in Mouse. PNAS USA 108, 15804-9.

Shapiro, I.M., Cheng, A.W., Flytzanis, N.C., Balsamo, M., Condeelis, J.S., Oktay, M.H., Burge, C.B., Gertler, F.B. (2011). An EMT-driven alternative splicing program occurs in human breast cancer and modulates cellular phenotype. PLoS Genet. 7, e1002218. Open Access.

Nutiu, R., Friedman, R.C., Luo, S., Khrebtukova, I., Silva, D., Li, R., Zhan, L., Schroth, G.P., Burge, C.B. (2011). Direct visualization of DNA affinity landscapes using a sequencing instrument. Nature Biotech 29, 659-664.

Zheng, G.X.Y., Ravi, A., Calabrese, J.M., Medeiros, L.A., Kirak, O., Dennis, L., Jaenisch, R., Burge, C.B., Sharp, P.A. (2011). A Latent Pro-survival Function for the Mir-290-295 Cluster in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells. PLoS Genet. 7(5):e1002054. Full Text

Bandyopadhyay, S., Friedman, R.C., Marquez, R.T., Keck, K., Kong, B., Icardi MS, Brown, KE, Burge CB, Schmidt W, Wang Y, McCaffrey AP. (2011). Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation Down-regulate miR-29: miR-29 Over-expression Reduces Hepatitis C Viral Abundance In Culture. J. Infectious Disease 203(12), 1753-1762.

Bland, C.S., Wang, E.T., Vu, A., David, M.P., Castle, J.C., Johnson, J.M., Burge, C.B., Cooper, T.A.. (2010).Global regulation of alternative splicing during myogenic differentiation.
Nucleic Acids Res. 38, 7651-64.

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Ramskold, D., Wang, E.T., Burge, C.B., Sandberg, R. (2009). An abundance of ubuquitously expressed genes revealed by tissue transcriptome sequence data. PLoS Comp Biol 5: e1000598.

Spies, N., Nielsen, C.B., Padgett, R.A., Burge, C.B. (2009). Biased chromatin signatures around polyadenylation sites and exons. Mol Cell 36, 245-254. Full Text

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Kalsotra, A., Xiao, X., Ward, A., Castle, J., Johnson, J.M., Burge, C.B., Cooper, T.A. (2008). A post natal switch of CELF and MBNL proteins reprograms alternative splicing in the developing heart. PNAS 105, 20333-20338.

Wang, E.T., Sandberg, R., Luo, S., Khrebtukova, I., Zhang, L., Mayr, C., Kingsmore, S.F., Schroth, G.P., Burge, C.B. (2008). Alternative Isoform Regulation in Human Tissue Transcriptomes. Nature 456, 470-476. Full Text

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* These authors contributed equally.

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* These authors contributed equally.

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* These authors contributed equally.

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* These authors contributed equally

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