Genome Alignment (GENOA) input, process and ouput data      
Feature Analysis Genome Statistics Comment
Ensemble gene Ensembl Human 22,184  
cDNA sequence GenBank 139 Human 114,891  
cDNA with annotated protein coding region GenBank 139 CDS Human 69,904  
EST sequence dbEST Human 5,471,624  
Length distribution        
cDNA with annotated protein coding region Average Human 1,314 bp  
  Variance Human 1,314 bp  
  Median Human 1,314 bp  
cDNA sequence Average Human 2,193 bp  
  Variance Human 1,438 bp  
  Median Human 1,965 bp  
EST sequence Average Human 540 bp  
  Variance Human 272 bp  
  Median Human 481 bp  
Initial BLAST analysis        
Ensemble gene All genes Human 19,258  
cDNA sequence All genes Human 175,957 all hits
  All unique genes Human 107,061 unique hits
EST   Human 4,256,037 all hits
    Human 3,200,767 unique hits
Spliced-alignment analysis        
Ensemble gene   Human 18,814 all alignments
cDNA sequence   Human 149,288 all alignmnets
    Human 106,247 unique alignments
    Human 64,871 intronless alignments
    Human 5,113 all certain?
    Human 79 maximum intron size
EST sequence First exon Human 386,595 all alignments
  First exon Human 325,272 unique alignments
  Last exon Human 475,295 all alignments
  Last exon Human 447,436 unique alignments
  First and last exons Human 861,890 all alignments
  First and last exons Human 740,877 unique alignments
    Human 1,000,382  
  Human 935,495 genomicseq-est/ files
Single and multi-cDNA/EST gene cluster        
Ensemble gene   Human 18,040 multi-cDNA
    Human 2,166 single-cDNA
cDNA sequence   Human 77,746 all multi-cDNAll
    Human 76,523 unique multi-cDNA
    Human 3,189 sall single-cDNA
    Human 3,083 unique single-cDNA
EST sequence   Human 964,073 all multi-EST
    Human 923,372 unique multi-EST
Ensemble gene   Mouse 13,136 multi-cDNA
    Mouse 1,162 single-cDNA
Ensemble gene   Mouse 26,410 all multi-cDNA
    Mouse 26,279 unique multi-cDNA
    Mouse 1,691 all single-cDNA
    Mouse 1,162 unique single-cDNA
EST sequence   Mouse 747,017 all multi-EST
    Mouse 720,607 unique multi-EST
Transcripts coverge per gene cluster        
Ensemble gene Average Human 0.5 single-cDNA with CDS
  Variance Human 0.5 single-cDNA with CDS
  Median Human 1 single-cDNA with CDS
  Average Human 3.2 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Variance Human 3.3 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Median Human 3 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Average Human 1.5 single-cDNA
  Variance Human 1.1 single-cDNA
  Median Human 1 single-cDNA
  Average Human 4.3 multi-cDNA
  Variance Human 3.9 multi-cDNA
  Median Human 1 multi-cDNA
  Average Human 53.4 multi-EST
  Variance Human 103.4 multi-EST
  Median Human 21 multi-EST
Ensemble gene Average Mouse 0.8 single-cDNA with CDS
  Variance Mouse 0.4 single-cDNA with CDS
  Median Mouse 1 single-cDNA with CDS
  Average Mouse 1.8 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Variance Mouse 1.4 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Median Mouse 1 multi-cDNA with CDS
  Average Mouse 1.5 single-cDNA
  Variance Mouse 0.9 single-cDNA
  Median Mouse 1 single-cDNA
  Average Mouse 2 multi-cDNA
  Variance Mouse 1.5 multi-cDNA
  Median Mouse 2 multi-cDNA
  Average Mouse 54.9 multi-EST
  Variance Mouse 88.5 multi-EST
  Median Mouse 1 multi-EST