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G. Yeo*, D. Holste*, G. Kreiman, and C.B. Burge

Variation in Alternative Splicing Across Human Tissues

Genome Biology Vol 5 2004

 Additional Data Files

[ Additional data directory 1 ] Transcript (cDNA and EST) sequences mapped to genomic DNA
[ Additional data directory 2 ] Sets of constitutive and alternative exons
[ Additional data file 1 ] Average and median number of ESTs per gene and tissue
[ Additional data file 2 ] Average number of AS genes, AS genes containing SEs, A3Es, and A5Es, using ESTs derived from normal, non-disease-tissues
[ Additional data file 3 ] Number of constitutively spliced and AS genes, and number of AS genes containing SEs, A3Es, and A5Es
[ Additional data file 4 ] Average fraction of AS genes containing SEs, A3Es, and A5Es, using ESts derived from normal, non-disease-derived tissues
[ Additional data file 5 ] Categories of cDNA libraries, designated tissues derived from MGC, IMAGE, and CGAP
[ Additional data file 6 ] Average lengths of ESTs aligned to gene loci expressed in different tissues
[ Additional data file 7 ] Human splicing-factors of SR, SR-related, and hnRNP genes
[ Additional data file 8 ] Distribution of Pearson correlation coefficient values across different tissues for expression levels of randomly selected sets of genes

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