Alternative Isoform Regulation in Human Tissue Transcriptomes

Wang & Sandberg et al, Nature 2008

hg18_alljunctions.32.28.fa.gz (gzipped file, ~115 MB)

All junctions are in fasta format. Chromosome, strand, 5' splice site, and 3' splice site are delimited by underscores (_). Junctions contain 56 bases total, allowing for 32 base pair-long reads to map with a minimum of 4 base pairs on each side of the exon-exon junction.

Supplementary Tables

Table S1.xls (Excel table)
Table S2.xls (Excel table)
Table S3.xls (Excel table)
Table S4.xls (Excel table)
Table S5.xls (Excel table)
Table S6.xls (Excel table)
Table S7.xls (Excel table)
Table S8.xls (Excel table)
Table S9.xls (Excel table)

Gene expression estimates (RPKM)

hg18.ensGene.CEs.rpkm.txt (text file)
hg18.ensGene.CEs.rpkm.xls (Excel file)

Alternative splicing events

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